Rental conditions

Weather and wind

The level of your sailing experience determines wich circumstances are suitable for you to go on the water. The rental company reserves the right to decide to keep the boat ashore without resitation of the rental fee when a lack of experience becomes evodent. This serves to prevent damage to the boat as well as personal injuries. Starting at wind force 7 bft. no one is allowed to sail. The customer accepts the risk of bad weather the moment he makes a reservation fo a boat. Hard wind or rain are not considered a reason to cancel the rental or to reduce or return the rental fee.


Cancellation regulations

In the event of cancellations up until a month before the agreed rental period, 50% of the rental fee will be charged. In the event of a cancellation up until a week before time, 75% of the rental fee will be charged. In the case of cancellation less than a week before the rental period, the complete rental fee will be charged. These regulations are applicable to the total rental fee and are not just to the down payment. A reservation made over the phone is considered a lagally binding agreement. When, after a cancellation, the boat is succesfully rented pout after all, a restitution of the amount alrady paid and/or waiver of the remainning rental fee is possible.





When making a reservation for a sailboat with us, you agree to the terms of the 'Hiswa Algemene Voorwaarden Huur en Verhuur Pleziervaartuigen'. These can be mailed to you on request. The boats are released after signing a boat check and inventory list. Life jackets are included.


Personal Liability

Every boat must have at least one highly experienced yachtsman on board! The boats are insured at Unigarant NV in Hoogeveen. Police number 2481333. The rental company is not responsible for personal injuries or property damage unless these are the direct result of negligence on the rental company's part. The renting party is expected to regularly check the boats and use them with care. Any damages that are not reported will be charged to the renting party. Any repairs to the boats must be approved by the rental company.

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